Pat has always had a bit of the rebel in him. From sneaking off to Yasgur's Farm to experience Woodstock to starting his own company, Pat's history as an innovator has its roots in his approach to his own life. After earning two English degrees from Northeastern University (B.A.1974, M.A.1976), he could have taken the next logical step - achieve the PhD, be a professor, and live the academic life. But even as he was accepted to a doctoral program, Pat realized that professors of English were not retiring. He unpacked the car, interviewed at IBM, and flew through Big Blue's vaunted training program. Pat became a top printer systems salesman, and routinely exceeded sales quotas, no matter how high they were raised. Again, a step on the corporate ladder presented itself, but Pat, ever the risk-taker, saw opportunities in data-driven laser printing, and started Laser Print & Image, Inc., which later became PDS, in 1989. The days of loading printers with reams and reams of paper are long in the past. Yet, Pat does not rest. From researching the latest business intelligence technologies to his legendary boot camp workouts, Pat always seeks to keep his edge.← Back to We The People